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Who am I?

That is a good question. I’d leave the answer as “Under Construction” but since I hope people will join me here, I’ll try a little harder.

I’m part of the last generation to grow up without social media. I had the blessing of not having my teenage years preserved on social media. I’ve always been an old soul, and that love of history and art led me to nanny in Denmark. I met my husband there. I am a mom. I relish showers (alone). Motherhood doesn’t look like I thought it would. I am an “Autism Mom.” It was a club I didn’t plan on joining. Three of my four children have been diagnosed with developmental delays of various sorts. We don't really do "neuro-typical." I wanted to be Mary Poppins, but I turned into more of a crisis manager and developmental specialist. I planned on family field trips to the zoo in coordinated outfits that I made! Instead, our house is a zoo and it’s a good day if there are clothes on the kids. Our milestone celebrations haven’t been on the same schedule as many. I cry over little happy things. There are lots of little happy things. I live for the blessed moments in the sea of chaos.

I have to be busy. I don’t do anything exceptionally well. To be honest I’ve always been too scared to fully commit myself to any one subject. I do lots of things “good enough.” I don’t feel the need to master everything, but I do feel the need to make peace with my life. I have a chronic illness. It's hard that my best varies day to day. I need to be okay with trying, and failing and to accept my imperfect humanity. 

It may sound pretentious, but I love creating. I like to make stuff. I don’t care if it is a cake or craft, or organizing a lunch where I can spend time with others. I like to make good memories. I need to be doing something. I want to see something for the time I’ve put in. 

I love words. I love writing. My grammar is terrible. I grew up with spell check. I can’t diagram a sentence to save my life. I like to think it was better before I lived abroad, but I may be fooling myself. I’m an optimist. I love seeing the good in the world. I love people. (Most people.) I love connections and coincidences. I love feeling like I’m a piece of something... something much greater than I am, but something where I can contribute and make life just a little bit brighter.  



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